Sanctuary - Where regular and special worship services are held along with weddings, funerals, and memorial services.  Baptisms are normally held during Sunday worship services.  Confirmation, First Communion, and Special Holiday worship are held as traditionally scheduled.  Special music programs using the Rogers Digital Organ are also held in the Sanctuary.  (Capacity approx. 240)  (See floor plans on the previous page.)

Upstairs Social Hall - Adjacent to the sanctuary and separated by large folding doors.  With the doors open, overflow from worship services in the Sanctuary is accommodated during Christmas Eve and Easter as well as other special large-capacity services.  Large dinners (cap. 140), entertainment (cap. 160), and receptions (following special events in the Sanctuary) are some of the other uses of this large (approx. 40x80') hall.  A small kitchen, storage room, and rest rooms are attached.  (See floor plans on the previous page.)

Fellowship Hall - (lower level) - A recently refurbished general purpose hall that can accommodate a diversity of activities.  Refreshments before and after worship services and special events (dinners [cap. 100] and other social activities [cap. 60-120]) that do not require the larger Upstairs Social Hall are typically held here. Fellowship Hall contains capability for audio/visual media presentations and easily accommodates small worship services and events (e.g., Soup & Bread dinners during Lent, Annual Congregational Meeting).  Support groups (e.g., NA, AA, OA) hold regular weekly meetings here.  Fellowship Hall also houses the Ecumenical Food Pantry.  (See floor plans on the previous page.)

Sunday School Area - (lower level, below the Sanctuary) - Refurbished and modernized, this bright and cheerful six-room area is used for Sunday School and other educational activities.  Five of the rooms have a capacity of 12 to 20.  (See floor plans on the previous page.)

Music Directors Office and Rehearsal Facility - (lower level - below the altar area) - The room contains a piano.  Various musical groups practice here, unless the organ is specifically needed.  Normal capacity is 30 to 35, although the area has accommodated more than 40 for special practice.  (See floor plans on the previous page.)

Administrative Wing - (lower level - adjacent to Fellowship and Social Halls) - Contains the Church Office; Pastor's Study; Conference Room (cap. 16 to 18); and refurnished lounge with small kitchen facilities (cap. 24 to 34), which is also used by some of the outside support groups.  (See floor plans on the previous page.)

Parking - Parking is available on both the north (Meyran Ave.) and south (Dawes Ave.) sides of the church.  Spaces are available for 46 cars.  Additional nearby doctor's and medical facility parking is available for our use during Sunday morning services.  Parking spaces for persons with physical disabilities are available on the south (Dawes Ave.) side of the church with access to an elevator for the Sanctuary level and wheel chair ramp for the lower (Fellowship Hall) level.  (See floor plans on the previous page.)